About Us

Duska and Sunny

Duska at the markets, with a little helper

We love living in Northern New South Wales. It’s a special place for food lovers – with amazing fresh produce and a population that is passionate about fabulous food.

At Spice Palace, we source the best of our region’s food, plus the finest spices from around the world, to offer a unique range of exotic gourmet food.

Our Dukkahs are made with the finest new-season nuts and spices. In our Chermoula, Ras-Al-Hanout and other Spice Blends, you’ll find only top-quality spices, roasted by us – and ground and mixed, lovingly every week.

Our dips and spreads are always made fresh. We talk to farmers at our famers’ markets every week to see what’s in season and abundant – whether it’s basil or coriander for our Seasonal Pesto Selection, or chillis for our popular Harissa Chilli Pastes.

Our Spice Blends, dips and tapenades and are all gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

If you want to buy Dukkah, Harissa, Halva and Spice Blends online, check out our online shop. You can pay safely online and we’ll post it to you within a couple of days.