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    Try our Dukkah with Hazelnuts or Macadamias

We have REFILL bags for our Dukkahs, Spices and Spice Blends – with no added postage. Check out our Shop.

If you want to buy fresh Dukkah, Harissa and Spice Blends, and selected spices, check out our online shop. You can pay safely online or transfer your payment, and we’ll post it to you within a couple of days.

Our Dukkahs are made with highest quality, fresh nuts and spices. In our Chermoula, Ras-Al-Hanout and other Spice Blends, you’ll find best-quality spices, roasted by us – and ground and mixed every week. Our Harissas are made from fresh chillies, organic garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and the best spice.

Our products are also available at our local markets in Northern New South Wales, and in some local shops.

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